Privacy and Compliance

DebtCol enhance product to provide you with extra protection

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Privacy and Compliance

If you are in the business of debt collection and or field services, protecting individuals privacy is critical particularly when considering the Privacy Act 1988 and Debt collection guideline for collectors & creditors.

It is for this reason that DebtCol has invested significant resources and implemented intelligent logic into its software to manage amongst other things, the frequency of contacts made and the process of identifying a person notwithstanding the evidence to support such processes have taken place.

In addition to this, the logic has extended to allow users to "create their own journey" by creating the level of compliance their clients may need and or to accommodate changes to any Legislation or recommendations.

We give our clients the control they need to comply better and get on with their business with peace of mind.

We invite you to learn more about our system with an obligation free demonstration. Simply reach out to our friendly sales team or contact our office on 1300 765 609.

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