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Whether you are a debt collector, debt purchaser, lawyer or a field agent, DebtCol provides the solution

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How does DebtCol help you to work better?

DebtCol provides an end-to-end software solution to help automate and improve your debt collection and field services work. Here is how DebtCol can help you.

Our Integrations

Our development team work tirelessly at building functionality integrating industry-based partner services that empower your business.

For a complete General Ledger, integrate your financials into Xero or MYOB, which eliminates double handling and keying errors.

A payment solution which enables debtors to easily pay via credit card, BPAY and direct debit facility.

Coming Soon... CreditorWatch provides a bureau service giving you the means to register defaults or mercantile footprints, perform credit checks to ascertain risk and likelihood of payment, instances of Court Judgments and the means to receive critical alerts.

Outsource your printing, enveloping and posting of letters from DebtCol by redirecting the printing of your letters to BingMail.
Simply choose the “BingMail” printer when dispatching your letters. To set up your account email or call: 1300 309 800.

Gain immediate access to the searches that mercantile agent’s need, without the need to log on to separate searching systems.
There is no need to re-key information and all searches and billing are automatically saved on the case for billing and future reference.

Communicate with debtors and field agents using integrated two-way SMS messaging.
No longer will you need to send and receive messages from an external device and as replies automatically update the file notes and email the collector, no more double handling is needed.

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